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Top 10 Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala: Your Gateway to Global Education

Study Abroad Consultants in Kerala
Studying abroad is an excellent way to initiate a global career, as organizations often prefer graduates from renowned international universities. Interaction with diverse cultures, languages, and ethnic groups abroad enriches students, fostering increased responsibility beneficial to both their personal and professional development. However, selecting from highly competitive courses and universities, along with managing costs, can be daunting. This is where international education consultants become indispensable. These consultants guide students in making crucial decisions, including selecting suitable courses, universities, and countries to align with their career ambitions. Kerala is a prime hub for such educational guidance, with a wealth of study abroad advisors aiding a large number of students each year. Choosing the right consultant is key to making informed decisions about one’s educational journey. The following is a list of the top 10 international educational consultants in Kerala.
Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy was founded to bridge the gap between students and international educational opportunities. Rapid information exchange drives the current era, where students often struggle to find accurate and timely information about their academic and career paths, leading to costly uncertainty about their educational future. At such a critical time, students need a trusted partner to help guide their passions and career aspirations, taking into account factors such as the global job market, emerging technologies, and innovations. Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy serves as a reliable mentor, providing personalized advice and support to each student. Starting with just one branch in Calicut three years ago, Stanford Study Abroad now boasts additional branches in Dubai and Sharjah, UAE. Our network has grown to include connections with over 25 countries, more than 300 universities, and an impressive selection of over 35,000 courses. Our expansion is a testament to the trust, reliability, and integrity we have upheld from the beginning.
Location: Office No. 1206, 2nd Floor, Phase-1 Hilite Business Park, Kozhikode, Kerala, India.

Founded in 2002, Santa Monica's primary mission is to simplify the process for students of diverse backgrounds to apply to international universities. Based in Kochi, Kerala, they have established themselves as a prominent provider of global educational services. They offer advisory services for students interested in pursuing their studies in various countries, including Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, the UK, China, the Philippines, Singapore, France, the UAE, Russia, the Netherlands, Germany, and the USA. Santa Monica caters to students' needs both online and offline, providing comprehensive support for their international study endeavors.
Location: 3rd Floor, Mercy Estate, Santa Monica Junction, Mahatma Gandhi Rd., Ravipuram, Kochi, Kerala 682015.

Established in 2007, Edroots International is a premier study abroad consultancy based in Perinthalmanna, Kerala. With over 15 years of experience, Edroots has successfully placed thousands of students at prestigious universities worldwide. Through its extensive education abroad services, the consultancy assists students in making informed decisions to pursue higher education at renowned international institutions. Edroots is committed to providing all its students with reliable, high-quality services. The team at Edroots includes highly trained, educated, and experienced professionals who guide students to top educational institutions, helping them build promising futures. They offer tailored guidance to each student, and their systematic approach ensures that every student has the opportunity to achieve their potential.
Location: Edroots International, 3rd Floor, Grace Building, SRV Road, Off MG Road, Near South Railway Station Jn, Cochin, 682011.

GeeBee Education, a study abroad consultancy, helps students achieve their dreams of studying at overseas universities. They provide access to over 75 universities in various countries, including the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. GeeBee supports students through every step of the process, from exam preparation and college counseling to application submission, visa processing, and pre-departure orientations. In India, GeeBee operates 32 offices, with 14 located in Kerala.
Location: 2nd Floor, Vettukattil Buildings, Mahatma Gandhi Rd., Jos Junction, Ernakulum South, Kochi, Ernakulum, Kerala 682016.

Immilaw Global stands out as a highly respected and well-established study abroad consultancy in Kerala, featuring a team of seasoned specialists committed to providing top-tier study abroad assistance to students. Immilaw Global, a global consulting firm, has a rapidly expanding international footprint. From course selection and university applications to securing admissions at sought-after international universities, their experts are committed to providing the best advice to students at every step.
Location: Door No. 67/4347, Swapnil Enclave, High Court Junction, Marine Drive, Ernakulam,  Kerala 682031.

Edabroad is committed to aiding students who aspire to pursue higher education internationally. They provide outstanding career guidance and counseling to help students make informed choices. Through their website, Edabroad offers comprehensive information on international education and institutions in various countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, and Sweden, among others. As a goal-oriented consultancy, Edabroad tailors career pathways to suit the individual financial, personal, and academic needs of each student.
Location: Near Cherin Jolly, Karithala Road, Manorama Junction, Ernakulam, and Kerala 682016.

TC Global simplifies the global education, learning, and mobility process by bringing students, universities, and a global community together on one platform. This seamless interface allows students to enroll in international courses with just a few clicks, while also enabling educational institutions to effectively target and recruit international students. For the past decade, TC Global has served over 2 million students in India, collaborating with more than 700 universities worldwide.
Location: 6th Floor, Alapatt Heritage Building, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Kochi, Kerala 682035.

NovaEdu, the leading educational community in India, as well as international education consultants in Kochi, are committed to providing academic advice to students who want to begin their academic careers at prominent Canadian universities, colleges, and educational institutions. As a single destination for delivering excellent educational support and counseling, they take into account all the concerns of Indian students, from the slightest worries to queries about setting wise academic goals. They use cutting-edge digital platforms that are available around the clock to communicate with students from all over the world.
Address: Elza Chambers, 2nd floor, Janatha Junction, Sahodaran Ayyappan Rd., Ernakulum, Kerala 682019

Guidance Plus stands out as one of India's leading international education consultancy facilitators, representing over 1000 prestigious universities, colleges, and institutions worldwide. With over a decade of experience in student recruitment, Guidance Plus provides exceptional guidance and mentoring, helping students secure outstanding educational opportunities. They serve as a primary resource for students from top global universities seeking assistance with their academic or professional pursuits. Their advisory board includes distinguished academics and business leaders from the UK and the US.
Location: Bay Pride Mall, Menaka, Marine Drive, Kochi, Ernakulum, Kerala, 682031.

A team of expert professionals with over 14 years combined experience in international education leads Campus World, a professionally managed overseas education consultancy located in Kochi, Kerala. They serve as authorized representatives for more than 700 international higher education institutions. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, they have successfully secured admissions for thousands of students into various programs across numerous countries worldwide.
Address: 4-A, National Pearl Star, Edappally Raghavan Pillai Road, Edappally, Kochi, Kerala 682024.

Final word

Whether you opt for in-person or online support, selecting the appropriate overseas education consultant is essential. You can look for consultants in your area and arrange a meeting, or you might find it more convenient to consider virtual consulting services. However, before making your choice, it's important to carefully assess the services you require and ensure that the consultant you select aligns well with your needs. Keep in mind that consulting for studying abroad represents an investment, so choose wisely. Make sure the consultancy provides the services you need, and read reviews from both former and current clients

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