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BA Digital Media

BA Digital Media


A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Digital Media is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the creation, management, and communication of digital content across various media platforms. The program is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the rapidly evolving digital media landscape.

  1. Duration: Typically a three to four-year program, depending on the university or college offering the degree.
  2. Curriculum: The curriculum includes a mix of core digital media courses, technical training, and elective courses.
  3. Core Digital Media Courses: Common core subjects in the BA program include Digital Media Production, Multimedia Storytelling, Digital Communication, Social Media Marketing, Digital Design, and Media Ethics.

BA Digital Media Syllabus

  • Semester-I

    Introduction to Digital Media, Digital Media Production, Graphic Design for Digital Media, Introduction to Photography, Communication and Media Studies, Elective Course I (e.g., Introduction to Web Development, Media Ethics, etc.).

  • Semester-II

    Multimedia Storytelling, Video Editing and Post-Production, Web Design and Development, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Introduction to Animation, Summer Internship/Training.

  • Semester-III

    Audio Production for Digital Media, Advanced Digital Media Production, Digital Advertising and Branding, User Experience (UX) Design Media Law and Policy, Elective Course II (e.g., Mobile App Development, Virtual Reality, etc.).

  • Semester-IV

    Motion Graphics and Animation, Digital Media Analytics, Digital Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies, Elective Course III (e.g., Interactive Media Design, Game Development, etc.), Research Methodology in Digital Media.

  • Semester-V

    Advanced Web Development, Social Media Strategy and Management, Digital Media Project Management, Media Psychology, Elective Course IV (from the earlier electives or other specialized topics), Research Project/Dissertation.

  • Semester-VI

    Advanced Visual Effects and Compositing, Mobile Media and App Design, Digital Media Entrepreneurship, Elective Course V (from the earlier electives or other specialized topics), Elective Course VI (from the earlier electives or other specialized topics), Final Presentation and Viva Voce.

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