BA Architecture

ba architecture


The Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) degree at AUD is an accredited five-year program, taught by a faculty whose combination of academic qualifications and experience clearly delivers on the promise of producing highly skilled, employable and world-class architectural graduates. The program is complemented with extensive Accreditation & Associations that position it on the global landscape. Beyond rigorous on-hand experience, students have access to the Career Development Information as a dedicated resource to facilitate their professional careers and pursuits.

The Mission of the Bachelor of Architecture program is to prepare highly qualified graduates for employment in the building industry.

MBBS Syllabus

  • Semester-I

    Architectural Design Studio I, Architecture Graphics I, Architectural History and Theory I, Building Construction I, Mathematics for Architecture, Introduction to Computer-Aided Design (CAD).

  • Semester-II

    Architectural Design Studio II, Architecture Graphics II, Architectural History and Theory II, Building Construction II, Environmental Science and Building Services, Model Making.

  • Semester-III

    Architectural Design Studio III, Building Materials and Construction Techniques, Architectural History and Theory III, Structural Analysis and Design, Digital Design and Visualization.

  • Semester-IV

    Architectural Design Studio IV, Building Science and Services, Building Regulations and Codes, Professional Practice and Communication, Urban Design.

  • Semester-V

    Architectural Design Studio V, Advanced Building Construction, Sustainable Architecture and Design, Landscape Architecture, Elective Course I.

  • Semester-VI

    Architectural Design Studio VI, Design for Special Needs and Inclusive Environments, Research Methodology and Dissertation, Elective Course II, Internship/Practical Training.

  • Semester-VII

    Architectural Design Studio VII, Thesis Project, Conservation and Heritage Architecture, Elective Course III, Professional Ethics and Legal Issues.

  • Semester-VIII

    Architectural Design Studio VIII, Professional Portfolio Development, Contemporary Issues in Architecture, Elective Course IV, Final Presentation and Viva Voce.

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