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What sets Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy apart as the premier choice for overseas education guidance?

Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy, located in Calicut, was founded with the aim of alleviating the stress and uncertainties associated with students’ dreams of studying abroad. With our extensive experience in the field of overseas education, we adeptly guide students in identifying the most suitable programs, universities, and countries for their future success. Our certified counselors are dedicated to realizing our students’ dreams of studying abroad, offering personalized guidance at every step. Our range of services, including career counseling, course selection, university and country selection, application processing, IELTS and German language test preparation assistance, visa guidance, and pre- and post-departure support, are provided free of charge.

At Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy in Calicut, student interests are paramount. With authentic representations from over 150 universities across nine countries, including the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Germany, France, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Dubai, we empower students with accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their academic pursuits, leading to successful international careers.

Our team of expert consultants at Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy in Calicut is committed to delivering top-notch overseas education services. We invite students to visit our consultancy in Calicut, where they can access reliable information and support at no cost. Additionally, we have branches in Dubai and Sharjah to cater to a wider audience.


How to choose your perfect study abroad country?

Studying abroad offers students an exceptional opportunity to attain a high-quality education, gain international exposure, explore enhanced career prospects, and experience independent living in a foreign land. Nevertheless, embarking on this journey requires careful consideration and financial commitment. Are you contemplating pursuing studies overseas? Here are crucial factors to consider before selecting a country for your international education.

  1. Specialization Field: The initial step towards pursuing studies abroad involves determining your desired field of specialization. Popular choices include Computer Engineering, MBA, Data Sciences, Finance & Accounting, among others. Once you’ve identified your specialization, explore the various courses and certification programs available in your chosen field to align with your academic and career objectives.
  2. Top Countries/Universities for Your Subject/Program: After selecting your specialization, research which countries or universities worldwide are renowned for offering programs in your chosen field within your financial means.
  3. Cost of Education Abroad: The financial aspect, encompassing tuition fees, visa charges, airfare, and living expenses, is pivotal in selecting a country for overseas education. Scholarships offered by universities can significantly impact your decision. Some opt for European countries like Germany due to their no-cost or highly affordable education.
  4. Lifestyle & Cultural Considerations: Understanding the lifestyle, culture, climate, and language of a country is vital for determining its suitability for study, living, and work. Consider factors such as language of instruction, standardized test requirements, language proficiency tests, visa prerequisites, cost of living, and employment opportunities.
  5. Career Prospects: Evaluate the career opportunities available post-graduation in your chosen country. Research industry trends, job market conditions, and demand for your acquired skills. Explore how the university supports graduate employment and the status of its alumni network.
  6. Migration Options: If migration is a consideration after your studies, assess the migration policies of the host country, possibilities for Indians, acquired skills’ relevance, diplomatic relations, economic landscape, and legal regulations.
    After thorough consideration and research into these factors, you’ll be better equipped to select the ideal country for your overseas education. If you’re seeking assistance with your study abroad application, feel free to contact Stanford Study Abroad Consultancy

Services Offered by Stanford study abroad

We guide you throughout the entire process, from assisting in selecting the ideal course and university to facilitating your relocation to your preferred destination country

  • Career Counseling: The first step in embarking on your journey to study abroad involves career counseling. During this session, you and our study abroad counselor collaborate to identify your desired field of specialization, aligning with your skills, passions, educational qualifications, and current industry trends. Additionally, you’ll need to consider various financial aspects, including tuition fees, visa charges, airfare, and living expenses, which are crucial factors in choosing a country for overseas education. Scholarships provided by universities can greatly influence your decision-making process. Some students may opt for European countries such as Germany due to their offering of no-cost or highly affordable education.
  • Selection of Country/University and Course: Once you’ve chosen your area of specialization, the next step is to research which countries or universities globally are esteemed for offering programs in your chosen field while ensuring they align with your financial constraints and eligibility criteria. Financial considerations encompass tuition fees, accommodation and meal expenses, visa fees, airfare, service charges, and personal expenditures. Eligibility requirements entail language proficiency, academic performance, age restrictions, and more.
  • Admission Procedure: Once you’ve finalized your choice of course, university, and country, the next step is to secure admission in the selected university. This involves obtaining the offer letter and acceptance letter from the university, which necessitates the submission of various documents such as education certificates, passport, language proficiency test results, and more. Additionally, certain universities may require applicants to undergo an interview. It is crucial to handle all this international documentation professionally and ensure timely submission.
  • Fees Payments: To secure admission, it is necessary to pay the university fees, typically in US dollars for international transactions. The payment receipt and TT Copy serve as essential documents for obtaining the University Acceptance Letter, which is required for visa application. At Stanford Study Abroad, we offer an excellent payment gateway for all types of international payments to facilitate this process.
  • VISA Assistance: Upon receiving admission from the university, the next step involves applying for a visa. The visa application process entails following structured and sequential activities, although the specific requirements vary depending on the country. For certain countries, it is necessary to visit VFS, the embassy, or consulate, attend an interview, provide biometric details, and sometimes undergo medical examinations. Following completion of these steps, the visa is stamped in the passport.
  • Air Tickets & Pre-Departure guidance: After obtaining the visa, students are required to book their air tickets. At Stanford Study Abroad, we offer assistance in booking affordable flight tickets. Many of our students are embarking on international travel for the first time, so we provide comprehensive pre-departure assistance. This includes guidance on essential items to carry, items to avoid, as well as dos and don’ts at the airport, during the flight, and upon arrival in the destination country.
  • Airport Pick up , Hostel & Mess: Upon arrival at your study abroad destination, most students are visiting the country for the first time. Our representatives will be there to greet you at the airport, assist you in acquiring a SIM card so you can communicate with your parents, and ensure your safe arrival at your hostel accommodation. Additionally, if needed, we can provide assistance with local purchases for your daily necessities.
  • Campus Assistance: Stanford Study Abroad will guide you through an orientation to acquaint you with the campus, library, practical labs, academic blocks, and canteen. Upon completion, you can then proceed with your studies and work towards achieving your academic goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The eligibility criteria for studying overseas vary depending on the chosen country, university, and course. Factors such as language proficiency, academic performance, age restrictions, and financial obligations differ across countries, courses, and institutions.

To choose an education consultant in Calicut, first, define your requirements and expectations for your study abroad journey. Evaluate the consultancy’s website, expertise, and student profiles to determine if they align with your needs. Arrange a meeting with the consultancy to discuss your specific requirements.

Stanford Study Abroad is a leading education consultancy based in Kerala, offering comprehensive services to streamline your study abroad experience, including free career counseling

As one of the top overseas educational consultants in Calicut, Kerala, we manage all procedures for securing admission to your desired university. Our services include free career counseling, scholarship guidance, application processing, visa assistance, and pre-departure guidance. Our expert consultants also provide post-landing services such as airport pickup and accommodation assistance. Additionally, we assist individuals who require migration support after completing their studies.

Many students opt to work part-time to cover living expenses while studying abroad. Part-time work opportunities are available, although the allowable duration may vary widely based on country and course. For instance, in the UK, students can work up to 20 hours per week, while students pursuing MBBS abroad might face constraints due to practical, clinical, and hospital rotations. Consult with a reputable education consultancy in Calicut, Kerala, like us, to understand the specifics of part-time work in your chosen destination.

Application deadlines are contingent upon the university, with most offering two intakes typically in September and January. Some UK universities may provide up to four intakes annually.

Merit scholarships are available from both state and central governments based on academic performance or other extracurricular achievements. Additionally, universities abroad offer scholarships. Explore your preferred university’s website for scholarship details or reach out to a study abroad consultancy like ours for assistance

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