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Bsc Mass Communication

Bsc Mass Communication


A Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Mass Communication is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on teaching students about various aspects of communication, media, and journalism. It is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in the fields of journalism, public relations, advertising, broadcasting, and other media-related industries.

  1. Journalism: Students learn the principles of news reporting, writing, and editing for various media platforms such as newspapers, magazines, online publications, and television.

  2. Media Studies: This area explores the history, theories, and impact of media on society, including the study of media ethics and media law.

  3. Public Relations: Students learn about strategic communication techniques used to manage and maintain the reputation of individuals, organizations, and businesses.

BSC Mass Communication Syllabus

  • Semester-I

    Introduction to Mass Communication, Communication Theory, Writing for Media, Media History and Evolution, Introduction to Journalism.

  • Semester-II

    Media Ethics and Laws, Introduction to Public Relations, Visual Communication, Advertising Principles, Introduction to Broadcasting.

  • Semester-III

    Media Research Methods, News Reporting and Writing, Media and Society, Digital Media and Social Media, Public Relations Strategies.

  • Semester-IV

    Feature Writing, Broadcast Journalism, Media Management and Entrepreneurship, Media and Cultural Studies, Advertising Campaigns.

  • Semester-V

    Media Production and Editing, Media and Politics, Media Effects and Audience Analysis, Public Relations Campaigns, Media Economics.

  • Semester-VI

    Media Internship/Project, Media and Development, Media and Globalization, Crisis Communication, Media Law and Regulations.

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