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Msc Advanced chemical Engineering

Msc Advanced chemical Engineering


A Master of Science (MSc) in Advanced Chemical Engineering is a postgraduate degree program that focuses on providing students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of chemical engineering. This program is designed for individuals who already have a background in chemical engineering or a related discipline and wish to deepen their understanding of advanced concepts and technologies in the field.
  1. Advanced Chemical Processes: Students study advanced chemical processes and technologies used in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, energy, and materials.
  2. Industrial Visits and Practical Experience: Many programs offer opportunities for students to visit industrial plants or participate in internships, providing real-world exposure to chemical engineering practices and challenges.
  3. Research and Innovation: Developing research skills and conducting independent research or a dissertation in a specific area of advanced chemical engineering.

MSC Advanced chemical Engineering Syllabus

  • Semester-I

    Advanced Chemical Processes, Reaction Engineering, Process Modeling and Simulation, Separation Processes, Process Control and Optimization, Research Methodology in Chemical Engineering,

  • Semester-II

    Sustainable and Green Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Materials Engineering, Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer, Advanced Thermodynamics, Process Safety and Hazard Analysis, Elective Course 1(advanced process engineering, computational fluid dynamics, bioprocess engineering, etc.)

  • Semester-III

    Dissertation or Research Project, Elective Course 2 (specialization interests), Industrial Visits and Practical Experience.

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