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The medical faculty was changed to a medical institution in 1931. The Institute HU Umarov’s initial director in 1931 was GP Fedorov, who was later named dean of the medical faculty and appointed director at the conclusion of the year. The institute had 1099 students, 177 instructors, 25 of whom were professors, 26 assistant professors, and 104 assistants in 1932.

MU Mirsagatov was chosen to serve as the Institute’s rector in 1938. The Republican Institute’s top brass provides funding for several new clinics (including ones for experimental building, infectious diseases, oncology, prosthetics, and orthopedics).

Out of the 2,122 doctors trained at the Tashkent State Medical Institute, 1,630 were deployed. MAAshrapova, M.Muharramov, SAFayziev, NKAhmedov, M.Akmalov, U.Umarov, VSKarukhina, LIVaskovskaya, L.E. Stutragatskaya, SA Dopimov, FF Amirov, ND Makhsumov, NA Kanbulin, and others were among them.

Courses offered

  • BA (single honors) Dance

    Our BA Dance programme delivers a creative and broad curriculum taught by top artists and educators in their disciplines, and it serves as a fantastic platform for you to prosper in your career in dance and the arts. In a dynamic, connected group, you will participate in a complete study of dance, combining theory with dance practice.

  • BA (single honors) Digital Design

    This course includes communication design through typography, pictures, and message, craft and digital skills based on typography, graphics, and user experience/interfaces (UX/UI), as well as the notion of social design: using data as raw material for design and the ethos of "design for good."

  • MA (Music Therapy)

    The Music Therapy course prepares competent, practicing musicians for therapy careers by combining their abilities, education, and other life experiences. Graduates are allowed to apply to the HCPC for registering after completing the course, with the opportunity and freedom to practice in the NHS, social work education, or the private sector.

  • BSc (single honors) Therapeutic Psychology

    Our BSc Therapeutic Psychology programme includes our well-known capabilities in counseling, psychology, mental health, and therapeutic training. There is also an opportunity for a one-year paid work placement. This is a suitable place to begin if you want to work in counseling or psychotherapy.

  • MSc (Digital Marketing)

    This MSc in Digital Marketing will teach you socially responsible digital marketing methods. This course will also teach web design, content production, campaign development, and data analysis utilizing a variety of methodologies and digital tools.

  • BSc (single honors) Sport and Exercise Sciences

    Physiology, Biomechanics, and Psychology are the three main areas of Sport and Exercise Science. Our Sport and Exercise disciplines degree will teach you how to apply these disciplines to sport and exercise and allow you to study other relevant areas such as nutrition and health.

  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert (Clinical Neuroscience)

    This course of study is intended for students from various backgrounds who desire a career in neuroscience. You will thoroughly grasp contemporary theory and ideas related to brain research and neuroscience and their applications in treating brain illnesses.

  • MRes (Cell Biomedicine)

    Through a personal lab-based research project, this master's programme will give you advanced research training in the medical fields of cell biology and pathology.

  • MSc/PGDip/PGCert (Cyber Security)

    This national-standards-aligned course will teach you about computer devices and networks using AI, machine learning, and data analytics. This course is applied and practical; you'll learn through making more essential and advanced things.

  • MA (Integrative Counseling and Psychotherapy)

    Our advanced teaching team created an integrated social approach to psychotherapy and counseling for the BACP-accredited degree over many years. You will here Explore psychological processes and experiences from various viewpoints and understand the theoretical, personal, and cultural assumptions that shape your work.

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