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Zayed University is a national and regional pioneer in educational innovation. Its name is after the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the nation’s founder. The university is known for its excellence in educational innovation, research, and the development of student leaders who meet the nation’s changing needs in terms of economic, social, and cultural advancements.

The university provides students with a curriculum that equips them for future work. The university firmly believes that an undergraduate education must be multidimensional, which means it must challenge students academically and expose them to different global cultures while also allowing them to develop a broad knowledge base and essential skills to address the most challenging problems of our time.

The institution provides a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees and has two campuses in Dubai and one in Abu Dhabi. Zayed University Dubai strives to give students a top-notch education and prepare them to take leadership roles in their respective industries. In addition to business, communication and media, education, humanities and social sciences, information technology, and natural and health sciences, the institution offers studies in several other fields. Numerous international organizations have recognized the university’s programs, guaranteeing that students will obtain a top-notch education.

Courses offered

  • Master of Science (M.S) in Information Technology Concentration in Cyber Security

    The B.S. in Information Systems and Technology Management is offered in collaboration with the Colleges of Business and Technological Innovation. The course focuses on the knowledge and abilities required to manage and apply IT to business computing needs. The curriculum of the course consists of business and information technology courses. The curriculum trains students to work as system developers and business IT consultants, among other professions. The public and private sectors in the United Arab Emirates have a significant need for experts in these domains.

  • Master of Education [M.Ed] (Educational Leadership and Administration)

    Principals, vice-principals, and cluster managers are just a few of the school-based leaders and individuals hoping to lead in an academic setting who can benefit from the Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration program. The program's outcomes-based design guarantees that principal candidates graduate with the skills necessary to use best practices in educational leadership to meet the shifting requirements of society in the twenty-first century. A leader in education must implement evidence-based practices, support ongoing teacher development, and actively include parents and community partners to ensure excellent student learning.

  • Bachelor of Science [B.S] (Information Technology–Web and Mobile Application Development)

    The program is practical, competency-based, and created to educate students for essential roles in the information technology industry. Students that pursue this program are prepared to develop online and mobile applications. Students learn how to design and create user-centered, interactive games and applications using concepts from software engineering.