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University of Portsmouth

University Overview

The University of Portsmouth is the best public research university in Hampshire, England. It started in 1992, but its past goes back to the early 1800s when the Portsmouth and Gosport Schools of Science and the Arts were founded.

Presently the university is recognised for its high-quality teaching, creative studies, and strong relationships with businesses. It offers many different student and graduate programmes in the arts, literature, social sciences, finance, engineering, medical fields, and sciences.

The University of Portsmouth comprises of several schools, such as the School of Business and Law, the Faculty of Social and Humanities Sciences, the School of Health and Science, and the School of Technology. These schools have departments and study centers that do advanced research while offering high-quality education.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • Accounting and Data Analytics MSc

    With this Accounting and Data Analytics master's degree, you'll get better at accounting by learning more about accounting and analytical tools, writing reports, and data and critical evaluation. You'll have the ability and skills to use your business choices based on the data you assess.

  • Advanced Manufacturing MSc

    This approved Advanced Manufacturing Master's will help you learn more about manufacturing and improve your skills. You'll know more about the systems and tools used in manufacturing and get better at the management skills you'll need to lead teams in the field.

  • Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA

    During this flexible Master's programme in Applied Linguistics and TESOL, you will have the opportunity to either improve your skills as an English teacher to speakers of other languages or launch a career in TESOL.

  • (Master of Architecture and Professional Practice) MSC

    Your bachelor's degree and exemption from RIBA Part 1 will serve as a foundation as you go through this integrative three-year Master's programme and one-year Part 3 certification. Upon completion, you will become an ARB-registered architect.

  • Biochemistry BSc Hons

    On this degree, recognised by the Royal Society of Biology (RSB), you will learn how scientists in biochemistry fight disease, edit genes, make new fuels, and study how humans and animals grow and change.

  • Biotechnology MSc

    This course teaches you about molecular tools to solve global problems. For example, you'll learn about genetic engineering, bioinformatics, and online biological databases. You'll also be able to customize your investigations and experiments according to the areas of biotechnology that interest you.

  • Building Surveying BSc Hons

    During this degree programme, you will learn the technical skills and get the experience required to become a qualified building inspector, a specialized job. You'll also know enough about grounds management, project management, and building protection to be able to give advice and lead.

  • Clinical Exercise Science MSc

    Throughout this course, you will acquire theoretical knowledge and the hands-on experience necessary to perform fitness assessments and activity interventions, such as medical supervision, exercise prescription, and behavior modification.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy DipHE

    If you want to pursue a profession as a cognitive behavioral therapist, this cognitive behavioral therapy DipHE will provide you with the theoretical background and hands-on experience you need to succeed in the field.

  • Computer Animation MSc

    This course prepares you for creative and media industry animation jobs. This Master's will help you specialize in animation and prepare for a career in computer games, the big screen, cinema, or advertising.