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Tashkent Medical Academy

University Overview

The medical faculty of Tashkent Medical Academy was changed to a medical institution in 1931. The Institute HU Umarov’s initial director in 1931 was GP Fedorov, who was later named dean of the medical faculty and appointed director at the conclusion of the year. The institute had 1099 students, 177 instructors, 25 of whom were professors, 26 assistant professors, and 104 assistants in 1932.

MU Mirsagatov was chosen to serve as the Institute’s rector in 1938. The Republican Institute’s top brass provides funding for several new clinics (including ones for experimental building, infectious diseases, oncology, prosthetics, and orthopedics).

Out of the 2,122 doctors trained at the Tashkent State Medical Institute, 1,630 were deployed. MAAshrapova, M.Muharramov, SAFayziev, NKAhmedov, M.Akmalov, U.Umarov, VSKarukhina, LIVaskovskaya, L.E. Stutragatskaya, SA Dopimov, FF Amirov, ND Makhsumov, NA Kanbulin, and others were among them.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • General Medicine (MD/MBBS)

    This course focuses on the study of medical science, including anatomy, physiology, pathology, pharmacology, and clinical skills, to prepare students to become medical doctors.

  • Dentistry

    This course covers the study of dental science, including oral anatomy, oral pathology, dental materials, and clinical practice, leading to a degree in dentistry.

  • Nursing

    Nursing courses prepare students to become qualified nurses, teaching them essential skills in patient care, medical procedures, and healthcare management.

  • Medical Psychology

    This course explores the intersection of psychology and medicine, focusing on mental health, patient counseling, and behavioral aspects of healthcare.

  • Medical Pedagogy

    Medical pedagogy courses prepare students to become educators in the field of medicine, teaching them effective teaching methods and curriculum development.

  • Clinical Residency Programs

    Clinical residency programs provide hands-on training and experience in a specific medical specialty, such as surgery, internal medicine, or pediatrics, after completing medical school.

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