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Sheffield Hallam University

University Overview

The University of Sheffield Hallam is a public research college located in Sheffield in the English county of South Yorkshire. The university has a long past that goes back to 1843.

University of Sheffield Hallam has grown into a modern school known for its excellent teaching, research, and work with the business world. It has many different student and graduate programmes in the arts, business, sciences, technology, health, and social sciences.

University of Sheffield Hallam comprises of four faculties: the Department of Health and Wellbeing, the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities, the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Arts, and the Sheffield Business School. There are a lot of schools and departments in these colleges. Each one offers specialized classes and ways for students to learn about their hobbies and improve their skills.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • BA (Honors)Acting and Performance

    Develop your skills in screen acting, text, audio, and spatial practises. You'll study production and perform your shows. You'll also tackle global concerns with real-world briefs from external clients.

  • BA (Honors)Animation

    Learn the creative, theoretical, technical, and professional abilities essential to generate high-quality animation across various disciplines, including 2D, Stop Motion, and 3D animation. These skills are necessary to make high-quality animation.

  • BA (Honors)Criminology and Sociology

    You'll learn research and analytical abilities to analyze crime, society, and social change. You'll understand how theory applies to social experience and conduct. You'll also gain employability and graduation skills through developing personal and transferable talents.

  • BA (Honors) Autism, Disability

    In this study, you'll use the latest studies and ideas to look at real-world problems in education, like how to deal with challenging conduct in the classroom or help friends at school. You'll learn much about education policy and practice in general while becoming an expert in autism, disability, and special educational needs.

  • BA (Honors)Game Art

    This course will give you the skills to work in the gaming business, from idea to post-production. When you're done, you'll have a portfolio of projects to show for it.

  • LLM Legal Professional Practice

    The programme is a starting stone towards a future in law and will provide you with a natural edge in the job market. You'll learn law basics while getting legal job experience on campus.

  • MA Art Psychotherapy Practice

    You'll acquire the skills to work as an accredited art therapist, which can be challenging and uncertain in the public, health, education, volunteer, or private sectors. You'll finish with the skills and qualifications you need to apply for Healthcare and Care Professionals Council (HCPC) status.

  • MA Computer Animation

    Computer animation gives you the fundamental and theoretical skills to make a mark in the creative fields. You'll put together a resume and build on it with good formal knowledge. When you finish, you'll be ready for exciting, challenging jobs.

  • MA Design (Illustration)

    With this study programme, Think about design in new ways and push the limits of your creativity while learning the skills you need to become a creative and flexible artist.

  • MA Design for Health

    Applying your creative abilities and imagination to the cause of promoting healthy communities at the crossroads of design, creativity, and health is a great way to broaden your horizons and create for the more significant benefit of society.