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Royal Holloway, University of London

University Overview

Royal Holloway, also known as the University of London, is a prestigious university noted for its distinguished history, academic brilliance, and beautiful campus. It was founded in 1879 and had a historic history as one of the earliest institutions in the United Kingdom to give higher degrees to women.

The university in Egham, Surrey, provides various postgraduate and undergraduate degrees in art, the humanities, the social sciences, business, and engineering. It fosters an inclusive and encouraging learning atmosphere where students can pursue their interests and achieve academically, with a strong focus on curiosity about things and critical thinking.

Its dedication to scientific excellence improves the educational experience and contributes to practical breakthroughs that benefit society as a whole.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • English and Creative Writing (BA)

    Find your unique writing style and build strategies; learn how to write, edit, review, and shape a creative work—a crucial life skill beyond composing poems, plays, or novels. Character, voice, ambiguity, style, and cultural context may be used in journalism, website design, advertising, and scholarly publication.

  • Digital Media Culture and Technology (BA)

    Options are plentiful, and this degree will prepare you for a fascinating profession in this advanced area, providing you with the critical and creative abilities needed to flourish in media creation and a comprehension of the modern technology that allows it all possible.

  • Politics and International Relations (BA)

    You will get a strong foundation in politics, history, and IR theory by studying topics such as democracy, decolonization, democratic change, international organizations, foreign policy formulation, human migration, and human rights.

  • Biomedical Sciences (BSc)

    This thorough course will train you to join a community of biomedical scientists at the forefront of healthcare research. You'll learn about biochemistry, physiology, cellular biology, molecular biology, and genetics, among other things.

  • Cyber Security Project Management (MSc)

    This allows you to investigate software project management difficulties and handle obstacles with advanced abilities to fulfill the rising demand from multi-sector firms looking for a software and digital project leadership skill set.

  • Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism Studies (MSc)

    This study is for students who want to gain an interdisciplinary awareness of individual and organizational participation in terrorism and a grasp of national and international counter-terrorism and counter-violent extremism (CVE) measures.

  • Food Security, Sustainability and Biodiversity (MSc)

    This programming course addresses the critical relationship between biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods, and food security by covering a variety of themes at the crossroads of environmental health and human health.

  • Creative Writing (MA)

    This course will help you improve your writing skills by moving beyond your feelings to write with an engaged understanding of literary culture, its social significance, and current practices.

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management (MSc)

    You'll learn the dynamics at play and learn advanced skills to strategically manage huge, complicated technology-based supply chains and more conventional ones. You'll explore logistics and procurement across countries, enterprises, regions, and time zones.

  • Drama, Theatre and Dance (MA by Research)

    This is a course of study that enables you to study various in-depth subjects under the supervision of international specialists, such as cultural research, drama, theatrical studies, dancing studies, performance studies, or comparative issues.