Overseas Education in Ireland

Education in Ireland

Located in the northwest of Europe, Ireland offers numerous courses in various fields. Education in Ireland is an ideal destination for international students seeking higher education, with over 1000 multinational companies offering employment opportunities. This makes universities in Ireland a suitable choice for those seeking higher education.  Ranked 20th in providing the best education system, universities in Ireland offer more than 5000 courses. As per 2020 statistics, more than 44,000 international students attended universities in Ireland for their higher education. With its rich culture and dynamic development scene, Ireland provides high-quality education to students.


Education in Ireland
  1. Ireland study abroad summary (Masters’s degree)
Top courses in Ireland Finance, Computer Science, Business Administration
Living costs in Ireland €7,000 to €12,000 per year
Average undergraduate fees €9,000 to €25,000 per year
Average post graduate fees €9,500 to €34,500 per year
Average doctoral degree fees €9,500 to €34,500 per year

2.Why you should study in Ireland. What are the post-study visa facilities in Ireland?

After completing your graduation or post-graduation, Ireland visa facilities let you stay for 2 years more. This 2-year period allows you to find your dream job which will extend your visa.

3. What are the globally ranked best universities in Ireland?

The ranking of best universities in Ireland comes under 100. Big Data courses and Data Science courses are widely popular and highly rated courses

4. Flourishing career opportunities

Large companies such as Google, Amazon, and EY recruit recent or new graduates from Irish universities due to their exceptional Big Data and Analytics programs. Pursuing studies at one of the leading institutions in Ireland can lead to numerous job opportunities.

5. Safe, friendly, and superior lifestyle

Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world. It is ranked 7th safest country and ranked 3rd in the world on Global Peace Index. The neighbors are friendly and the infrastructure is top-notch. Since it is home to top universities, there is a diverse mix of students from different cultures and immigrant families

What are the top courses in education in Ireland?

Below list mentioned are the top courses you can study in Ireland

  • Data Analytics
  • Big Data
  • Information Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Software Engineering
  • Information Security
  • Business Management
  • Business Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Masters in Ireland

What is the eligibility criteria to study for Masters in Ireland?

The criteria to get into the best university in Ireland for a master’s are: -

  • Valid Bachelor’s degree relevant to the Master’s degree passed with at least 60%
  • Indian passport
  • Visa
  • IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, CAE, or other English proficiency exams(depending upon the university)
  • What are the Course fees to study Master in Ireland?

The average tuition fee to study master’s in the best university in Ireland ranges from approx. 11 Lakhs to 15 Lakhs. The amount may depend on your selection of course and university.

  • What are the documents required to study in Ireland?

When applying to universities in Ireland, you must submit scanned copies of your documents. The list of required documents for your admission is provided below: -

  • Online application form copy
  • All mark sheets/transcripts
  • Valid passport
  • Proof of funds
  • Resume/CV
  • Scorecard of TOEFL/IELTS, GMAT, or GRE based on university
  • Health insurance
  • Student visa

What are the top Universities to study master in Ireland?

  • University College Cork
University College Cork


World Ranking 301-305
Course fees Approx. 7,737 Euros
Founded year 1845
International Student percentage 19%
university type Public
OET score 250-299 each sub-skill


  • Dublin City University
Dublin City University
World Ranking 501-600
Course fees  
Founded year 1975
International Student percentage 10%
university type Public
  • University College Dublin
University College Dublin


World Ranking 251-300
Course fees Approx 5,250 to 9,947 Euros
Founded year 1854
International Student percentage 29%
university type Public
  • Trinity College Dublin
Trinity College Dublin


World Ranking 155
Course fees Approx 9,918 to 19,592 Euros
Founded year 1592
International Student percentage 30%
  • The National University of Ireland Galway
The National University of Ireland Galway


World Ranking 301-350
Course fees Approx 6,000 to 9,000 Euros
Founded year 1845
International Student percentage 17%
  • Maynooth University
Maynooth University
World Ranking 401-500
Course fees Approx 7,460 to 7,789 Euros
Founded year 1997
International Student percentage 12%
university type Public
  • The University of Limerick
The University of Limerick


World Ranking 501-600
Course fees Approx 12,000-15000 Euros
Founded year 1989
International Student percentage 19%
university type Public
  • Technological University Dublin
Technological University Dublin


World Ranking 801-1000
Course fees Approx 13,000-20,000 Euros
Founded year 2019
International Student percentage 18%
university type Public
  • What are the application dates for Ireland universities for Masters?

The dates and months for different universities may vary according to the college. Please check your preferred university website for more details. Below is the estimated period you should look out for:-

Semester-I (September- January)
Late July Non-European students
August European students
Semester-II(January- May)
December Non-European students
January European students
May to August Non-European students
What are the application dates for Ireland universities for Masters?


5.What are the Visa Requirements for Ireland?

Students are required to apply for a visa 3 months before their admission date. Usually, the time taken to process the visa takes approximately 8 weeks. Visa fees for a Single entry will cost you around €60 and multiple entries will cost €100. Below list mentioned are the Visa requirements for Visa

  • Application form
  • Valid current passport
  • Proof of college admission/admission application
  • Proof of payment of fees to the college
  • Scorecard of your English proficiency language
  • Finance/Bank statements
  • Previous visa rejections, if any
  • Medical insurance

6. What are the Job Opportunities in Ireland?

The branches of big tech companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Oracle are located in Ireland. After completing your degree, Irish universities offer placement services to international students. The Irish government has a scheme that grants access to students for critical skill employment permits, aimed at attracting skilled students from around the world. Check out the official government website for more information. Below mentioned are some of the popular jobs sought by students after completing their master’s degree: -

Job Role Average approx. Salary
Business Analyst Approx 48,500 Euros
HR Manager Approx 57,200 Euros
IT Manager Approx 64,800 Euros
C.E.O Approx 88,700 Euros
B.D. Manager Approx 65,900 Euros
Project Manager Approx 58,000 Euros
Legal & Paralegal Approx 52,000 Euros

Depending on different job sectors related to your post-graduation degree, below is the estimated average salary income.

Law Approx. 40,000 Euros
Engineering Approx. 35,000 Euros
Finance Approx. 26,000 Euros
IT Approx. 30,000 Euros
Media and Marketing Approx. 25,000 Euros

7. What is the Cost of Living in Ireland?

The cost of living in Ireland while studying at university might be a little tough. Accommodation, lifestyle choice, food, and transportation are the primary factors of your expense. So it’s better to work a part-time job to manage your budget.

Students also have the option to share a room or rent a room with other students to manage rent expenses. It will cost you around €600-€800 per month for students looking to stay in a campus hostel. In the end, your lifestyle choice will be directly proportional to your expense.

Food €120 to €250/ month
Mobile 20
Internet 60
Travel €70/month
Private Rent House €500 – €1,300 monthly
On Campus hostel €220 – €450 weekly
Private home €200 – €350 weekly

To get your permanent residency in Ireland, you must be legally residing in Ireland for 5 years on an employment permit issued by the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment would be eligible to apply for Long Term Residency permission.

Hope this article gives a clear and conscience key aspects of studying in best universities in Ireland.

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