Overseas Education in Australia

Australia ranks the third country in the world where students from different countries pursue their higher education. Students seeking high-value education with great technology and infrastructure are seen studying in Australia.

Australia offers vast job options in top fields, much like the UK and USA. Based on the analysis, international students in Australia are predicted to increase by 5% in 2023. According to the United Nations, Australia ranks second in education and per capita income. With 1,100 universities offering roughly 22,000 courses, international students. With that let us look at some key concepts for studying in Australia.

  • Why you should study in Australia?

Selecting the country for your higher or further education can get a bit confusing and exhausting. Here are some reasons you should opt for Universities in Australia for a master’s: -

  • Diverse culture and living environment

Australia is in the southern region of the world, so its seasons differ from those in India and other parts of the world. While December is a cozy winter season in India, it is a warm and sunny summer Australia, like India, was colonized by the British which has resulted in a melting pot of cultures and languages existing within.

  • More job opportunities

While studying at University in Australia, earning part-time money is fairly easy and simple. The work visa for graduates allows students to work for 20hrs during their semester breaks. Hence providing you the benefit of earning/saving money during your free time.

  • Globally accepted certificates

The Australian Qualifications Framework (ASQ) is a government body responsible for regulating universities in Australia. It distinguishes your certificates and increases the likelihood of settling in other parts of the world.

  • Scholarships available for Indian students

Some recognized universities in Australia provides scholarship to Indian students. In the past, students who have studied for a master's degree in Australia and have shown excellence have received a scholarship that reduces their tuition fees.

  • Pre-university courses

Pre-university courses allow you to be prepared for studying for a master’s in Australia.


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What are the top Master Courses to Study in Australia?

Here is the list of top courses you can study in Australia

  • Agriculture
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Strategic Communication
  • Financial Planning
  • International Business
  • Information Sciences
  • Business Management
  • Masters in Australia
  1. What is the eligibility criteria for Masters in Australia?

The criteria to get into the best university in Australia for a master’s are: -

  • Indian passport and visa
  • Bachelor’s degree relevant to your master’s course
  • Accepted English Language Proficiency exams score (IELTS, PTE, TOEFL)
  • GRE/GMAT score (not applicable for every university)

2. What are the course fees for Master in Australia?

The average tuition fee to study master’s in the best university in Australia ranges from approx. 16 Lakhs to 40 Lakhs. The amount may depend on your selection of course and university.

3. What are the documents required to study for a master’s in Australia?

During your application process, the university in Australia requires you to submit scanned copies of your documents. Below is the list of documents that may require during your admission process

  • Resume/CV
  • Online Application form
  • All Marksheets
  • Scorecard of English Proficiency language test
  • Recommendation letter
  • Valid passport copy
  • Student visa
  • What are the steps to take admission to the best university in Australia?

Taking admission into another country’s university can be confusing and a tedious task. Below are simplified steps to take admission for a master’s in Australia

  • Select your desired university basis on your research and preference.
  • Visit their official website and check if you fit all their required criteria.
  • Submit the application form from their official website
  • Upload all the requested scanned documents properly
  • Once the process is completed, the university issues an offer letter.
  • Apply for a student visa

Universities in Perth Australia

Perth is a common destination for international study, especially for pursuing a master's degree in Australia. Perth's universities offer top-notch education with high QS rankings. The city enjoys warm weather throughout the year and has been named the sunniest in Australia. However, living costs in Perth can be around $640.

  1. University of Norte Dame
Study in Australia


QS Ranking 801
University Type Private
Founded year 1842
Tuition fees Approx. 20,00,000 INR
GMAT score requirement 636
IELTS score requirements 7.5
GPA score requirements 3.3
  • Murdoch University
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QS Ranking 561
University Type Public
Founded year 1973
Tuition fees Approx. 16,00,000 INR
GMAT score requirement 650
IELTS score requirements 6.5
GPA score requirements 2.8
  • The University of Western Australia.
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QS Ranking 90
University Type Public
Founded year 1911
Tuition fees Approx. 16,00,000 INR
GMAT score requirement 550
IELTS score requirements 6.5
GPA score requirements 2.8
  • Curtin University
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QS Ranking 193
University Type Public
Founded year 1986
Tuition fees Approx. 14,00,000 INR
GMAT score requirement 580
IELTS score requirements 6.5
GPA score requirements 2.8
  • Edith Cowan University
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QS Ranking 601
University Type Public
Founded year 1991
Tuition fees Approx. 18,00,000 INR
GMAT score requirement 590
IELTS score requirements 6.5
GPA score requirements 2.5
  • What are the visa Requirements for Australia?

The visa process is lengthy and confusing and can get messy. Below is the list of documents that are required to apply for a student visa for studying at a college in Australia.

  • Scorecard of English Proficiency language
  • Proof of Funds letter
  • Genuine Temporary Entrant certificate
  • Overseas Student Health Insurance Covers
  • Character Certificate
  • Application/Offer Letter
  • Character certificate
  • What are the job opportunities in Australia?

After completing your master’s degree in Australia, doors to high-paying jobs and a lot of options open up for you. One of the benefits of studying master’s in Australia is most of the top universities in Australia offer placements to international students too. In case of visa troubles, you can apply for a post-study work visa which is applicable for up to 3 years. Below mentioned are some of the popular jobs sought by students after completing their master’s degree:-

Job role Average approx. salary (INR)
Electrical Engineer 40LPA to 45 LPA
Architecture 30 LPA
Accountant 30 LPA
Computer Engineer 41 LPA
Business Management 35 LPA
Agricultural Science 25 LPA
Social Science Professional 27 LPA
Tourism and Hospitality Management 45 LPA

What are the top companies recruiting master postgraduate International students in Australia?

Company Average approx. salary
EY 25 LPA to 30 LPA
KPMG 42 LPA to 65 LPA
Goldman Sachs 25 LPA to 55 LPA
PWC 29 LPA to 42 LPA
Google 52 LPA to 98 LPA
  • What is the Lifestyle/Cost of living in Australia?

A complete change in lifestyle, country, and environment can be a bit overwhelming. Staying and studying at the universities of Australia will gain access to the best city infrastructure, high-paying jobs, and better transportation resources. Your quality of life will improve and you will lead a better lifestyle. Green and scenic fields are popular tourist attractions. The country is also known for its wildlife and sanctuary parks which you can visit while studying in Australia. It is also a country where you can visit both beautiful beaches and luscious mountain ranges and atop. Since it is the second choice of country to migrate to, Indians contribute to 9.75 percent of the Australian people so you won’t feel homesick.

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