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Glasgow Caledonian University

University Overview

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) is a well-known higher education institution in Glasgow, Scotland. It was formed in 1993 and has swiftly established itself as a contemporary and forward-thinking institution emphasizing academic quality, community engagement, and global involvement.

They provide various courses for undergraduates and graduate students in business, technology, health sciences, social science, and creative industries. Its curriculum is meant to be industry-relevant and sensitive to labor market demands, providing students with the information and skills to progress in their chosen endeavors.

The university has international collaborations that provide chances for student exchanges, joint research initiatives, and overseas study programmes.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • BSc (Hons)Digital Media & Interaction Design

    You will acquire flexible practical and theoretical abilities that will enable you to design for future and present trends, regardless of whether you produce visual media, interactive experiences, or physical computing. An institution that specializes in providing such training will provide these skills to you

  • BA (Hons)Mass Communications, Advertising and PR

    This course of study will help you to prepare for work or further study in various fields such as advertising, PR, marketing, branding, business communication, mass communications, media, and digital communications.

  • BA (Hons) / BSc (Hons)Psychology

    This course will give you a total understanding of the theory as well as the application of psychology. Additionally, it will prepare you for an academic career in psychology and various other employment prospects.

  • BA (Hons)Acting & English

    This unusual mix of classes will give you a lot of choices for work or more schooling. You'll have plenty of decisions, which can let you make the course fit your hobbies and allow you to learn related skills like running a show.

  • BSc (Hons)Policing & Criminology

    This course will provide an overview of a field developing theoretically and methodically by drawing on modules from the social sciences, law, computers, and business. The system relies on modules from each of these areas.

  • MSc Advanced Security & Digital Forensics

    Course specializations include host and mobile digital forensics, network security, hacking, incident handling, malware analysis, cryptography, auditing and compliance, and more.

  • MSc Real Estate Management & Investment

    You will learn how to deal with global rivalry and sustainability creatively while learning about worldwide business and the economy in which it operates. When you finish, You'll understand how complicated global markets and foreign companies are.

  • MSc Advanced Materials Engineering

    This course will allow you to improve your abilities in more application and research-based areas of materials engineering, such as using materials in energy-based applications and intelligent textiles

  • MSc Drug Design & Biomedical Science

    This course will give you the information, expertise, hands-on experience and career in study and development within the pharmaceutical, bioscience, or healthcare industries.