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Dubai Medical College

University Overview

The Dubai Medical College for Girls was founded in 1985 and is the first medical college in the UAE. The university offers degrees in medicine and surgery.

The United Arab Emirates Ministry of Education and the World Health Organization have certified the college. By creating an environment conducive to learning both within and outside of the classroom, the school succeeds in its mission–to help the healthcare industry by developing qualified healthcare professionals. The institution offers a learning atmosphere that encourages creativity, leadership, ongoing professional growth, and quality control. The institution collaborates on research projects with institutions like Al Ain University, Kingston University, and London University.

The Dubai Medical College (DMC) dedicates to giving students the medical training they need to get a recognized Bachelor’s in Medicine and Surgery degree in the United Arab Emirates. To fulfill its objective, the institution will provide a learning environment that upholds Islamic principles.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • MBBCh

    The College follows a six-year program of intensive instruction. Preclinical, clinical, and internship phases are included in the syllabus of this course. Development of technical and clinical abilities is necessary for medical practice and is a crucial component of the clinical phase of teaching. Students are placed into small groups (approximately six students) to do clerkships, which entail examining patients and taking part in their management while being supervised by teaching professionals to learn these abilities, skills, and attitudes. They participate in small group discussions during case presentations, go for ward visits and teaching rounds, and watch processes and operations. In lecture halls and seminar rooms outfitted with all required teaching aids, students are taught the fundamentals of taking a patient's history and conducting a clinical examination. From year one to year five, they receive clinical skill training at the Simulation Lab and the clinical skill slab.

  • Master of Addiction Science

    At Dubai Medical College, the postgraduate program is offered full-time across two academic years. This two-year MSc ACP program is structured to give students the opportunity to have a PG Diploma ACP after finishing the first year. The first academic year’s two semesters are devoted to formal modules that students must deliver on weekends–Fridays and Saturdays. Clinical clerkships and a significant research project make up the second academic year. The ERADA Center for Treatment and Rehab offers clinical clerkships. The minimum number of credits needed to earn an MSc is 41, which they must complete with nine core and six specialty modules.