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Cranfield University

University Overview

Cranfield University is a famous postgraduate university in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. It began as a College of Aeronautics in 1946. It has become a significant research-intensive institution with a worldwide reputation for distinction in engineering, technology, leadership, and applied sciences. It specializes in higher education and research possibilities for postgraduate students.

It provides master’s and doctorate programmes in aerospace, defense, energy, environment, manufacturing, administration, and water sciences. The programmes are intended to provide students with specialized understanding and skills highly appreciated by business, government, and academia.

To ensure that students have a satisfying and successful learning experience, the institution offers various support services such as career assistance, counseling, and academic help.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • Aerosystems MSc

    The Aerosystems course is interdisciplinary, including unmanned aircraft systems, controlled arms, electro-optics, interactions, radar, electronic warfare, and information networks. The course covers the core ideas, basic principles, design concerns, and critical thinking linked with the fields above.

  • Digital Forensics MSc

    This programme of study will attempt to meet the academically oriented operational demands of UK police and the severe skills shortage of educated and competent staff in the sector to fill digital forensic posts and assist the UK's criminal justice system.

  • Cyberspace Operations MSc

    In particular, this class will concentrate on how to counter significant risks in the information space, both those that already exist and those that are only beginning to emerge. The learner will be able to comprehend what is happening in cyberspace from the military's viewpoint as a result.

  • Systems Thinking Practice MSc

    By completing this course, you will enhance both your understanding of systems thinking and your ability to use that knowledge to promote the sustainability of companies and establish suitable management and decision-making procedures for such businesses.

  • Counterterrorism MSc

    The course is structured on four key modules that address essential subjects such as terrorist strategies, tactics, ideologies, and causes, comprehending counterterrorism techniques and theories, and implementing them in action and varied situations.

  • Gun Systems Design MSc

    This unique Master of Science programme covers the fundamental technologies that participants need to know to play a leading role in the specification, design, and development of weapons systems within their respective organizations.

  • Airframe Systems Design

    Your understanding of aircraft systems, as well as their function, design, and integration, will be expanded throughout this condensed course that lasts just one week.

  • Executive Logistics and Supply Chain Management MSc

    The course will help you practically develop your confidence and business abilities. Additionally, it focuses heavily on real-world problems and best practices within the sector, both transferable to your firm.

  • Cyberspace Operations MSc

    The Cyberspace Operations course aims to train individuals who can assist military operations in cyberspace, as well as disputed operations and coordinated planning.

  • Defense and Security Export PgCert

    This course is designed for professionals working in the military and security sectors who want to learn more about defense export and its essential components, such as strategic trade restrictions, compliance, offset, and negotiation.