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Brunel University London

University Overview

Brunel University London is a well-known college of education in Uxbridge, West London, England. It has grown into a notable research-intensive institution with a strong focus on innovation and technical progress since its establishment in 1966. It is named after the legendary engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel and promotes excellence in design, engineering, and technology-related areas.

This University’s dedication to offering practical training that prepares students for reality is one of its distinguishing aspects. It provides various undergraduate and postgraduate business, engineering, the arts, social sciences, medical sciences, and computer science programmes. It provides an open and encouraging learning atmosphere that stimulates cooperation and personal development by having a lively and varied student population.

University Facts

Courses offered

  • International Politics BSc

    This university is an exciting political study option. Politicians frequently called on to remark on television and radio will teach you. The campus has hosted the BBC's Question Time and is a political hotspot throughout national and local elections.

  • Product Design Engineering BSc MDes

    Workshop instruction and industry-standard tools can help you become a maker. Modern facilities include design studios, digital sketching, prototype workshops, and electrical and digital manufacturing laboratories. Your practical expertise is transferable to the industry and gives you a head start as an innovative designer and design engineer.

  • Automotive Engineering BEng

    You'll learn about many elements of automotive development and manufacturing, including vehicle design and performance, engine and gearbox systems, materials, structures, and safety. You'll also receive hands-on experience addressing engineering issues that unavoidably emerge throughout the building and testing procedures.

  • Digital Design BSc

    You'll learn about innovative technology and motion design. You'll study web UX design and development, digital graphic design, and video creation. In addition, you will learn digital photography, 3D design, and 3D animation.

  • Film and Television Studies and English BA

    You'll study a broad selection of recent and current cinema and TV works for your degree. You'll learn about Hong Kong and Hollywood films, science fiction, documentary films, and more.

  • Occupational Therapy - Advanced Clinical Practice (PgCert, PgDip and MSc)

    You'll improve your clinical knowledge, becoming a successful leader and practitioner. After graduation, you can manage a team and assist patients in bettering their lives via rehabilitation in hospital facilities or outside environments.

  • Automotive and Motorsport Engineering MSc

    You'll learn about all aspects of competition vehicle design, development, and construction, such as the laws of physics materials, structural analysis, IC engines, and vehicle systems, as well as the way to use tools like computational modeling, simulation, and data analysis to evaluate performance, strength, cost, and safety.

  • Children, Youth and International Development MA

    You will gain information that will allow you to critically examine research, policy, and practice in children, youth, and development. You will also learn about disciplinary views on children and youth by studying courses from similar disciplines.

  • ● Intelligence and Security Studies MA

    Over one year full-time or two years part-time, you'll study various courses on campus, including the Brunel Simulated Intelligence Analysis Exercise (BASE) in an actual-life topic. The MA dissertation lets you show off your intellect and security research skills.

  • Lightweight Structures and Impact Engineering MSc

    This programme of study will concentrate on educating you to design and assess sophisticated lightweight structures to support carbon reduction objectives for transportation, offshore, marine, and military sectors of the economy.