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Reason to choose MDX Dubai – SONEL SAJU

When selecting a university, you ask yourself a lot of questions, such as whether you should stay in your place of origin or move overseas. Do I select a program that emphasizes creativity or one that emphasizes science? Can I receive a scholarship? What are the chances for my career? These are the same questions Sonel Saju asked herself this September as she considered which university would be best for her. Sonel was a CBSE student who knew she wanted to pursue a bachelor's degree in accounting and finance but wasn't sure which college would be best for her. Sonel chose a UK degree at MDX Dubai was the study option that would help her reach her personal and professional goals after earning excellent scores on her CBSE exam and receiving a top scholarship. The largest UK university in Dubai was the topic of our conversation with her. Why did you choose Middlesex University Dubai as your place of study? Several factors led me to choose Middlesex University Dubai as my place of study. I had a lot of possibilities, but Middlesex offered me a fantastic scholarship. Middlesex University offers a wide range of chances in terms of job and other higher education prospects, and it is a UK approved institution. I anticipate further prospects for professional growth and development through the BA Honours Accounting and Finance program at MDX Dubai. What aspects of starting college are you most anticipating? Beyond academic goals, Middlesex is a great place to study. It offers a chance for both cultural immersion and personal development. I can interact with people from a variety of backgrounds and opinions in Dubai's multicultural community, which is recognized for its inclusivity and diversity. I am excited to participate in this cultural exchange and look forward to expanding my horizons while also improving my capacity to collaborate well with people from different backgrounds. What words of wisdom do you have for students who are still contemplating what and where they want to study in the fall? While choosing my university, I had to make some difficult decisions. However, since I was well conscious of my decision and interest, selecting the course wasn't a major deal. My recommendation to students who are still contemplating what and where to study in September is to go with your gut and make a well-informed choice. Even if you may be surrounded by numerous facts, viewpoints, statistics, preferences, and budgetary limitations, in the end, what matters is how happy you are with the location where you have decided to pursue your studies. Making the most of opportunities is possible when one decides with knowledge. How can being awarded an MDX Dubai scholarship aid you in achieving your objectives? I was genuinely shocked when the CBSE Board Results were released. I had no idea, however, that I would be named the UAE Topper in the Commerce Stream! Sincerely, this information still makes me happy to think about it. All I can do is express my gratitude to everyone who contributed to my success. The scholarship provided by MDX Dubai ended up being the biggest factor in my decision to attend a particular university. I will definitely be closer to accomplishing my long-term career building objectives thanks to this scholarship. Sonel, we can't wait to see you on campus in September! We hope Sonel's advise and story inspired you if you're still deciding which college and program are best for you this fall. If you need assistance or want to talk about your alternatives for studying, our admissions counselors are available to help. To discover more about the MDX Dubai student experience, get in touch with our admissions staff or reserve your spot at one of our forthcoming open days.

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