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Life in Dubai on a University Campus?

At Middlesex University Dubai, we take great pride in offering a warm, friendly environment that prioritizes fostering our students' welfare and enjoyment throughout their academic careers. We think that encouraging our students to succeed intellectually and personally both inside and outside of the classroom, as well as putting them in a position to be resilient and successful in their future employment, are essential components of a well-rounded campus life. We provide a range of inclusive programs and services as a result, allowing our students to get help for their wellbeing, meet new people, and enjoy campus life. The mdx Mindset Talks monthly wellness workshop series, which was introduced by our Wellness Office this academic year on World Mental Health Day, and the wide range of support provided by divisions like our Centre for Academic Success are a few examples. These are weekly events and competitions held by our sports teams and social clubs throughout the academic year. The Centre for Academic Success is a dedicated location where students can get academic support in person or online from qualified staff and counselors, including workshops on academic skills, mental health counseling, support for students of determination, and our Student Learning Assistants program. Additionally, CAS oversees the Inclusivity Champions program, which involves faculty and staff collaborating to boost and promote involvement in campus life. Additionally, CAS sponsors our yearly Colloquium on Inclusivity, whose most recent iteration featured speakers from companies like Siemens Energy discussing how we might assist students with ambition in making the move to the workforce. Nearly 40 sports teams and social clubs are available to our students, who can compete for the university across the UAE. Our teams and clubs frequently win awards, giving students the chance to develop their leadership and self-confidence outside of the classroom. We also kick off the academic year with a fun Week of Welcome that immerses students in university life, inspires them to make new friends, join groups and sports teams, and helps them adjust to their new life as college students. Additionally, we offer a Week of Welcome specifically for international students. Throughout the academic year, our sports teams and social groups also organize their own events and campaigns. In order to increase the welfare and happiness of students, faculty, and staff as well as to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to wellness throughout the community, the Wellness Office strives to initiate, support, and coordinate a number of programs. One of the Wellness Office's historic projects this academic year was mdx Mindset Talks, which brought together students, staff, business leaders, and community members for candid, secure dialogues about mental health. The Wellness Office will expand its offerings in the coming academic year with the introduction of the mdx Mindset Podcast, a podcast series designed to promote open dialogue and the seeking of support while reducing stigma surrounding mental health and wellness issues.
Professor Tenia Kyriazi is Deputy Director Academic Operations and Head of Law and Politics at Middlesex University Dubai.

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